In The Band is a 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing mobile music education programs to community centers and schools throughout Los Angeles.

In The Band was founded in 2002 to fulfill the need for an affordable and culturally relevant solution to cuts in funding for music education in public schools.

In the Band students work together to unlock their creativity and build self-esteem through the mentorship of professional musicians.

In The Band programs create a lifelong interest in and understanding of music, one band at a time!



We believe that a student’s first experience learning music should be one that is both relatable and relevant. The same musical principles can be equally extracted from a Beethoven sonata or a song by Jay-Z, so we use music that inspires and excites our students to teach those fundamentals.

In The Band students learn to play, perform and create their own music using real-world techniques taught by professional musicians.

Music and Movement classes for students K-5 grade, basic musical principles and instruments.

Students learn to write and record original songs in a collaborative group setting.

Band ensemble classes, students learn guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, and vocals in a group setting.


Your contribution allows In The Band to bring music education programs to underserved communities throughout Los Angeles. Donations support In The Band catalyses a child's raw creativity through the mentoring power of professional musicians. 

We've been providing excellent music education since 2002 and served over 16,000 children, K through 12, with their first exposure to musicianship.

Click to learn more about the relationship between music and academics and how In The Band continues to be the only organization in LA County dedicated to serving at-risk youth with a mobile music education program.