All our programs cover the following topics in music education:

  • Tempo

  • Dynamics

  • Techniques specific to each instrument

  • Rhythmic concepts

  • Understanding and Reading musical notation

  • Writing musical notation

  • Understanding ‘Beat’ and measures in 4/4 and other time signatures

  • Introduction to the music of other cultures

  • Introduction to rhythmic concepts (reading and writing)

  • Introduction to ensemble playing and performance

Our teaching teams are made up of professional musicians, composers and audio engineers. Thus, our teaching method utilizes the professional experiences of our instructors as well as the cultural experiences of our students.

Percussion Ensemble

In The Band offers percussion ensemble for grades K-5. This course is intended to be an introduction to musical concepts allowing each child to discover the foundations in a fun, engaging way. At the end of each session Sound Art and the children prepare a Culmination recital. In addition, each child receives a Certificate of Completion from ITB.

Music, Lyrics And Production

Music, Lyrics and Production, also called Recording and Production, is for students in grades 9-12. This course teaches the skills to create a track from start to finish, utilizing the most current, cutting edge technology and equipment. Sound Art provides all of the instruments, equipment and software needed for the class. Instructors cover topics ranging from fundamental music composition and critical listening skills to songwriting, beat making and crafting lyrics.

Guitar Method And Ensemble

Guitar Method and Ensemble is offered to grades 6-12. This course teaches guitar methods and techniques as well as ensemble playing. Sound Art provides guitars during class hours and encourages students to purchase an instrument for practice at home. Our technique for teaching guitar focuses on learning concepts and creating music instead of memorizing songs. Students perform for family and friends at the completion of this course and receive a certificate of completion from ITB.

Keyboard Method And Ensemble

Keyboard Method and Ensemble is designed for grades K-12. Through our hands-on teaching method, students learn about the structure of music so they can create their own compositions and better understand the work of other composers. ITB provides keyboards during class hours and encourages students to purchase a keyboard for practice at home. Instructors stress the importance of learning real skills rather than relying on simple memorization to get through a piece of music. Students perform for family and friends at the completion of this course and receive a certificate of completion from ITB.

Drum and Bass Ensemble

The drums and the bass guitar (or acoustic bass) are the most important elements in any band for keeping a coherent and “danceable” tempo and time-feel. In this ensemble, students learn the techniques of playing these two instruments and the techniques of playing them together to form the foundation for a band.

Band Ensemble

The purpose of all this musical learning is to put it together and play with other musicians. Our Band Ensemble classes teach all genres of popular music with a focus on instrumental technique, listening skills and performance. Students perform a Culmination recital and receive certificates of completion.